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Lousy JC teachers/school environment [advice]

    I hear this question from many JC students al the time. What do I do if I have got lousy JC teachers?

    Lousy JC teachers, let me explain

    As much as the ministry want to paint the picture that all schools are good, this cannot be further from the truth.

    I have students routinely telling me how they have lousy JC teachers and school sucks.

    Some even go on to tell me some horror stories of things that happen in school.

    Like in one JC, different teachers give different answers to the same question. When students ask for clarification, the friendlier teacher cannot provide a clear explanation.

    The other teacher on the other hand is angry that students dare approach and proceed to give them a verbal trashing to the point of tears, before sending them away. Most importantly, without providing any response to the question.

    Events like this occur in many JCs and on a daily basis. They come from lousy JC teachers who do not care about students. Even though their students are sitting for the most important exams in their lives to date.

    This is especially true in 2nd/3rd tier JCs.

    Why you may ask? That’s because the really good teachers gravitate towards the top schools.

    Lousy JC teachers? Move aside!

    The principals of these top schools always have an eye out for the best teachers. Whom subsequently produce results for the school.

    And these schools frequently place more emphasis in learning so teachers get better recognition for their craft.

    Indeed, these teachers are happy that they get recognition for their craft and they strive harder creating a positive feedback.

    A quick look at the 2nd/3rd tier JCs and one would quickly realise they spend more time trumpeting their CCA accomplishments than exam results (which are dismal).

    Splash photos like these are common place in school websites.
    lousy JC teachers CCA
    In addition, good teachers know that having a good school teaching experience help build their resume.

    This is especially pertinent in Singapore because a large number of teachers routinely leave service and join the tuition industry.

    Having the school experience would mean it is far easier to get students to tutor.

    As students equate top school teaching experience with quality. So these teachers shout out their credentials as a means to attract students.

    Lousy JC teacher, students lose out

    As much as it pains me to say this, one should look out for your own interest by looking for tutors (good teachers) who have plenty of experience in rehabilitating weak students.

    So that he/she can guide you in your learning journey instead of the lousy JC teachers.

    Your school will not look out for your academic performance and will push you to all kinds of CCA involvement.

    That leaves little to no time to prepare for the biggest exam in your life.

    And nobody in the school will be accountable to the lousy grades at the end of the JC journey.

    Joining the group setting that many good tutors provide is advantageous on the other hand.

    Because everyone in the class have the same goals.

    So this an antidote to the toxic environment in school with lousy JC teachers and compatriots who are nonchalant.

    Lousy JC teachers are frequently very negative in their life perspective. Unfortunately, they pass this negative on to their students.

    Negative emotions adversely affect the learning outcomes.

    Lousy JC teacher, bottomline

    Ironically in my experience, it is the top students that are seeking extra academic help even when they already have the best teachers.

    So they leave the students who are in dire need of help in further behind.

    Those students with lousy JC teachers who really need the help on the other hand seem to be the most unaware they can do something to pull themselves out of the rut.

    Finally, let me know if this has been useful.

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