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Teaching career | How to [with resources 2024]

    A number of my students are considering a teaching career after graduation.

    I will detail the how-tos to see if it is really for you below to make life a bit easier.

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    Teaching career ⌲ exploring free tuition options

    If you want to enter into the profession, the most important thing to ascertain is whether you have the temperament for it.

    And the easiest way to know that is to look for free tuition programs and apply as a tutor / volunteer.

    Not only are you finding out if this is the path for you, you are doing a good deed for your student and of course make your CV look great!

    I would however, avoid listing on sites like gum tree or tutor platforms firstly because you are at the exploring stage.

    Without any experience, there is no competitive advantage since these sites list hundreds if not thousands of tutors seeking students.

    Taking up paid assignments would also mean you need to dedicate your time.

    In addition, since this is going to be an independent foray there is less ability to jig around your schedule and there’s no option to have anyone else step in for you either.

    The list!

    The big 3 (CDAC | SINDA | MENDAKI).

    Of course the official MOE (SG) programs you can apply to.

    A career in teaching, bottomline

    I hope that the list is helpful in your first steps towards a teaching career.

    And that you too will join the ranks of making a difference, 1 student at a time!

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